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楊肇基 教授


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美國西奈山醫學院 生物醫學博士

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分子生物學 細胞生物學

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Functional and Biological studies of a novel, stress-regulated protein kinase, SLK


探討ZAK基因造成心肌肥大的機制 The mechanisms of ZAK on the induction of cardiac hypertrophy


TGF-b 透過ZAK誘導心肌肥大的研究 Study of TGF-b induces hypertrophic growth in Cardiac Cells through ZAK


探討ZAK結合蛋白在ZAK引起心肌肥大時的功能 Functional study of ZAK associated proteins (ZAPs) induces cardiac hypertrophy


研究ZAK促進心肌肥大的機制及利用新穎方法調節ZAK功能 Mechanistic studies on ZAK induced cardiac hypertrophy and employ novel methods to regulate ZAK activities






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